January 2019 Review

Here is my monthly review post for January 2019.

January Wins

Here are some of my wins of the month:

  • completed 30 days of no caffeine, no alcohol, no drugs
  • currently on day 20 of the Alexander Bloom detox
  • currently on day 12 of eating only raw foods
  • currently on day 12 of no fap and no porn
  • started doing daily cardio again
  • started waking up at a set time each day
  • started making my bed each day (no small thing)
  • started listening to personal growth audio to condition my mind
  • got back into my blogging groove

Overall, it was a very growth-filled month.

Interestingly, the habit that had the biggest ripple effect was listening to inspirational / motivational audio daily. Podcasts, audiobooks, anything on personal growth.

The first couple of days I absorbed 4-5 hours of audio. I wanted to rewire my brain and condition my mind with new ideas & new patterns of thought. The content of the audio wasn’t as important as the vibe of it. It had to inspire me or make me feel amped up.

James Altucher’s podcast is terrific for daily listening. Tim Ferriss’ podcast, too. Lately I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins. Try listening to Hour of Power each morning and see what that does to you.

This one habit — listening to daily inspirational audio — led to the ripple effect of all the other changes. I started waking up earlier. I started a raw food trial. I started a no fap & no porn reboot. Basically, a domino effect.

Without the initial momentum of conditioning my mind with daily audio, I don’t think I would have had the discipline or the motivation to undertake the other habits.

I’ve since scaled back my audio time to 30 min – 1 hour a day. I’ll keep experimenting with audio conditioning in February, and report back on any interesting results.

Conditioning takes time, so consistency and patience is key.

February Goals

For February, I want to:

  • keep maintaining zero-caffeine, or at least zero-coffee
  • complete my 30-day detox and see how I feel
  • continue eating raw and see how I feel
  • continue no fap + no porn
  • do at least 30 minutes daily cardio every day
  • progressively train myself to wake up earlier
  • continue with daily audio conditioning, at least 30 minutes each day
  • have a gratitude/appreciation ritual that I do every day
  • read every day for at least 30 minutes

The important bit is to continue leveling up in my habits, while allowing room for error. For example, if for some reason I decide to go back to coffee, but I maintain all my other habits and add more fitness into my life, that would be an overall win.

Far more important to focus on the overall goal of improving yourself 1% every day, rather than giving up one habit, feeling guilty about it, and having all your other habits fall apart.

The key is to start small. Start with making your bed. Start with 15 minutes a day of audio conditioning. Start with 5 minutes of meditating.

Do whatever it takes to create the first success, and build upon it.

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