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Adding profile pic to server based email

JDownloader2 with Google Drive

most visited sites
google trends

NameCheap email
Adding account to Gmail
Adding send from Gmail

James Altucher – The Ten Secrets of Podcasting
James Altucher – Why You Absolutely Must Do a Podcast

Auto-Clicker for Mac


Small Caps Instagram

Mac shortcuts



Use Gmail with a custom domain name for free

The Anjunadeep Edition 308 with James Grant
‘Night Drive’ – Relaxing Deep House & Progressive House Mix
‘Chasing The Sun’ – Relaxing Deep House & Progressive House Mix

Da Vinci Resolve
Media Management: How to trim, save or archive without loosing quality

Photo Editing
Copying edits from one image to another in Photos



Easy MP3 Converter
VIDL (free)
Airy (Mac)

Chrome Extensions

Video Speed Controller • speed up any video in Chrome
Session Buddy • save open tabs to free up memory & clutter
uBlock Origin • blocks tracking scripts and ads on websites
Video Adblocker for YouTube • does exactly what it says on the tin
Redirector • redirects any website to another website (good for web addiction)
Old Reddit Redirect • redirects all Reddit links to the older (better) design
Full Page Screenshot

Web Tools

Ecosia • search engine that helps plant trees
YouTube to MP3 • alternate
YouTube to MP3 • download mp3 file from YouTube
YouTube to MP4 • YouTube video downloader
Online Video Converter • download audio or video from most sites
Facebook Debugger
SoundCloud Downloader
Sum Calculator • quickly add list of numbers
Print-a-Calendar • print-friendly blank calendars
Vertex42 • print-friendly blank calendars
Print Friendly • make any web page print-friendly
Push to Kindle • send any web page or article to your Kindle
Doodle Polls • easily schedule meetings, calls, events by setting up a simple poll
World Time Buddy • quickly compare different time zones between cities
BrokenLinkCheck • scan your website to find any broken links
DiffChecker • Compare text differences between two text files
Alphabetizer • Alphabetize lists, remove duplicates in lists, and other useful tools
Hours-Minutes Calculator • add a list of times (hours, minutes, seconds) together
CheckWhoCalled • Check the phone number that called you
Email contact obfuscation 1
Email contact obfuscation 2
Email to html entities

Personal Growth

Weeks of Your Life
Creating a Bug-Free Mind (pdf)

Mac Apps

Itsycal – adds useful, tiny calendar to your menu bar
Amphetamine – overrides energy settings to keep your Mac awake.
Tooth Fairy – connect AirPods to your Mac with a single click
F.lux – adapts your display’s color temperature to the time of day
ImageOptim – removes metadata from images
Helium – a floating single-site browser window
AppCleaner – thoroughly uninstalls apps
Pastebot – powerful clipboard manager for the Mac
Numi – minimalist text-based calculator and currency converter
MP3 Trimmer – free app to merge together mp3 files
Join Together — app to merge together mp3 files

How to

How to set your device screens to grayscale
How to turn off built-in keyboard while Bluetooth keyboard is connected to Mac
How to hide desktop icons on Mac using Terminal
How to reset toner error on Brother printer
Image Capture error
How to move your iPhone backup to an external hard drive
MailChimp tags
How to remap MacBook screenshot shortcuts
How to change the default font style in Apple Pages
Invert colors on MacBook screen while working outside
How to Merge Multiple MP3 Tracks in Audacity


Flickmetrix – see which movie is streaming where
Letterboxd – keep track of films you’ve seen / films you want to see
Rate That Commentary – view info about the commentary track for any movie
Every Single Frame – browse through frames of classic movies – compare original and director’s cut of any movie
TuneFind – lists all songs used in any film


Best AI transcription for Zoom/podcasts
PHP Dates
Miscellaneous Unicode Symbols
Get Emoji – copy & paste emoji
Tim Ferriss’ podcast gear
The Magic cheque – Rhonda Byrne

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