Massive Action

Grant Cardone, from The 10X Rule:

The highly successful take unbelievable amounts of action. Regardless of what that action looks like, these people rarely do nothing—even when they are on vacation (just ask their spouses or families!). Whether it is by way of getting others to take action for them, getting attention for their products or ideas, or just grinding it out day and night, the successful have been consistently taking high levels of action—before anyone ever heard their names.

The unsuccessful talk about a plan of action but never quite get around to doing what they claim they’re going to do—at least enough to ever get what they want. Successful people assume that their future achievements rely on investing in actions that may not pay off today but that when taken consistently and persistently over time will sooner or later bear fruit.

Massive action is the one thing I know I can depend on from myself, even when times are tough. Your ability to take action will be a major factor in determining your potential success—and is a discipline that you should spend time on daily. It’s not a gift or trait I was “lucky” enough to receive or inherit; it’s a habit that must be developed. Laziness and lack of action are ethical issues for me. I don’t think it’s right or acceptable for me to be lazy. It is not a “character flaw” that’s caused by some invented disease, any more than a highly active person is somehow “blessed.”

No one is born to sprint or run a marathon any more than some people are born to take more action than others. Action is necessary in order to create success and can be the single defining quality that will enable you to make the list of successful people. No matter who you are or what you’ve done in life so far, you can develop this habit in order to enhance your success.

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Your Actions Tell the Truth

Brian Tracy:

It is not what you say, wish, hope, or intend that matters; it is only what you do. Your actions on an hour by hour, minute by minute basis tell you and everyone around you who you really are and what you really want.

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Just Start

Pete Michaud:

You will never figure “everything” out. You will never be able to make everything perfect before you start. Just make a decision and run with it. Figure it out as you go along.

You will never live the life you want by wandering aimlessly through hypothetical scenarios. I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried just doing something. That worked.

I implore you: find a quiet place in your mind, identify your desires free of caveats, and make a plan to move toward those desires. Don’t try to plan for all eventualities. That will just prevent action.

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