Amplify Your Strengths

Chase Jarvis, in Tools of Titans:

Everything is a remix, but what is your version of the remix? Say I have a relationship with a bunch of celebrities, so I might be able to get a photograph of them that no one else could because they were on my couch playing Playstation. The point is thinking about, ‘What is the unique mojo that I bring, and how can I try and amplify that?” Amplify your strengths rather than fix your weaknesses.

If you’re not the best person at capturing something visually, but you’re a good storyteller, you have your visual art, then you have an incredible narrative to go with it. When you go into art galleries – and I don’t have the budget for it, but I’m a classical-type guy – you’ll see stuff on the wall for $10 million, and you can’t figure out what it is. You read the plaque next to it and you’re like, ‘That’s a damn good story. I see how they’re selling these things.’

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A Happiness Exercise

Chade-Meng Tan, in Tools of Titans:

In many of my public talks, I guide a very simple 10-second exercise. I tell the audience members to each identify two human beings in the room and just think, “I wish for this person to be happy, and I wish for that person to be happy.” That is it. I remind them to not do or say anything, just think⁠—this is an entirely thinking exercise. The entire exercise is just 10 seconds’ worth of thinking.

Everybody emerges from this exercise smiling, happier than 10 seconds before. This is the joy of loving-kindness. It turns out that being on the giving end of a kind thought is rewarding in and of itself… All other things being equal, to increase your happiness, all you have to do is randomly wish for somebody else to be happy. That is all. It basically takes no time and no effort.


During working hours or school hours, randomly identify two people who walk past you or who are standing or sitting around you. Secretly wish for them to be happy. Just think to yourself, “I wish for this person to be happy, and I wish for that person to be happy.” This is the entire practice. Don’t do anything; don’t say anything; just think. This is entirely a thinking exercise.

If you prefer, you can do this at any time of the day for any amount of time. You can also do it at any other place. If there is nobody present, you can bring someone to mind for the purpose of this exercise.

Tim Ferriss:

I tend to do a single 3- to 5- minute session at night, thinking of three people I want to be happy, often two current friends and one friend I haven’t seen in years.

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Always Test

Mark Lack:

Always test!!

The key to success is to test as much as possible and increase your chance of timing something just right to win big.

A lot of success is just persistence and timing. So test as much as possible while being persistent and you’ll increase the velocity of your success and “luck” factor.

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Write down your philosophy of life.

Some of my favorites from Ryan Holiday’s 32 Thoughts From a 32-Year-Old:

– You need a philosophy and you need to write it down. And re-write it and go over it regularly. Life is too hard (and too complicated) to try to wing it and expect to do the right thing.

– Try to think less about results. Just try to make contact with the ball. Give your best effort, make contact with the ball. The rest takes care of itself.

You gotta know what you want your day to look like. That’s how you build a life.

The world breaks all of us, Hemingway said, and those who won’t break, it kills. Be willing to give up. To fail. To admit you blew it. To try it a different way in the future. That’s the only way to survive…and to get better.

– The real benefit to wearing the same thing everyday (or having some set clothing rotation) is not actually the time or decision fatigue it saves you. It’s that you never go shopping. I went to maybe five stores in the last year? And one mall?

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Manifest the Emotion


The point of creation is the launching and the alignment for the exhilaration that it brings. It’s all about the feeling. It’s 100%, that’s all creation, is about the feeling that it brings to you. The manifestation that matters most is the manifestation of emotion. And you have the ability to manifest the emotion before you manifest any of the actuality that you are all so eager about manifesting.


“I like knowing that essentially we are all the same. We are all love looking for a place to happen. We are all clarity looking for a place to happen. That’s who we naturally innately are.”

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The Journey


You can never have an unhappy journey to a happy destination. If you’re having a miserable time along the way, when you get to wherever you’re going, it’s going to be miserable when you get there. That’s a sign, you see.

But when you’re feeling good, when it’s fun, when you’re clear-minded, when you’re feeling frisky, when you want to go, when you’re just full of yourself — tuned in, tapped in, turned on! — when you feel like that, that’s when you know, you’ve managed to find that frequency, and now that Broader Perspective is helping you out.

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Edgy Goals

Steve Pavlina:

If you’re the type of person who got into trouble when you were younger, always getting punished for this and that, why are you trying to play it straight today? If you struggle to achieve relatively straightforward goals, perhaps you’re not the kind of person who can play it straight and expect to succeed. Perhaps you’re too much of a rebel for that strategy to work.

The key breakthrough was when I asked a simple question:

What can I do that feels edgy, rebellious, and fun but isn’t illegal?

What might be against the rules? What might push some boundaries? What would have some element of risk?

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“It’s never failed me.”

Interesting Reddit post about Law of Attraction:

The first thing I do is brainstorm about what it is I want/need. Don’t focus on the how because everything always comes to me in ways or for reasons I would’ve never thought of. If it’s something more detailed, like if you’re looking for a house, write down everything you’re looking for in a house and your price range. Write it down bc it helps keep your wish focused and consistent. If you’re looking for money the “Magic Check” is a helpful tool for focus. Once I know exactly what I want/need I start planning how I’m going to envision receiving for when I set my intention during meditation. It helps setting your initial intention go much more smoothly.

Once I’ve established what I want/need and I plan how I’m going to envision receiving, I set my intention by meditating on it. I usually wait until the kids are asleep to do this because you want at least 10-20 minutes of complete uninterrupted silence. No tv’s, no music, phone goes on airplane mode. And all I do it sit or lay and focus all of my energy on my wish. It doesn’t have to be anything ritualistic or traditional unless that would work better for you. You could sit out on your back deck and watch the birds if you wanted, as long as it’s uninterrupted and you’re able to envision and feel your wish. Take the first couple minutes to calm your mind and body. Think about everything you’re already grateful for, good things that happened that day, etc. You want to raise your vibration with all those positive, happy feelings. Then start focusing on your wish.

As an example with the $8k. I envisioned walking out to the mailbox and receiving that check in the mail, opening it up, and seeing $8k written on it. I felt how happy, excited, and grateful I was to receive it and the tears of joy from receiving such a gift. I envisioned depositing the check into my bank account and how it felt to sign such a large check. I envisioned checking my bank account online and seeing that $8k in my savings. I felt again how happy/excited/grateful I was to actually have money in my savings account. I felt the financial relief, and I felt the financial security it gave me. When I’m done, I thank the universe for granting my wish and for everything I already have. Feeling is key. And notice I had no expectations on how that check was going to make it’s way to me. If I had, I might not have received it because it came in a way I would’ve never thought.

Once I set my intention, I try to take a couple minutes every day to focus on feeling and envisioning my wish, usually when I’m first waking up or going to bed. Sometimes I did it every other day bc I’m just forgetful and also bc I didn’t want it to feel like an extra chore to add on my list (that would bring negative feelings). After I do that, I let it go for the day. I know for a fact it’s on it’s way, so there’s no need to think about it all day. Like the OP mentioned, unless I’m consciously focusing on my wish, I try to stay unattached to it. Also, I’ve found that if I allow myself to casually think about my wish throughout the day it can open the door for doubt to creep in. So, it’s better for me if I let the wish go for the day unless I’m consciously choosing to focus on it properly. The rest of the day I focus on what I’m grateful for. If I catch myself unconsciously thinking about it, I think to myself, “I’m so happy and grateful for receiving this $8k check. Thank you so much.” and I let it go knowing for a fact it’s on it’s way.

Some things you wish for will require action. I’ve noticed in these cases, sometimes it’s obvious, other times it’s more subtle. For example, I was driving to the grocery store a couple weeks ago when I got this sudden urge to stop into a health food store right before I was coming up to it. I’m not a spontaneous person, but I went with it. I ended up getting a strong urge to go into what looked like an empty store next to it. I made small talk with the lady in there who offered me an opportunity to make money doing something I love to do, and have always wanted to make a career out of. So, when you get that nudge, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, go with it and see where it takes you bc it could be the LOA guiding you to where you need to be or to meet someone who can help you attain your wish.

I’ve been doing it this way for about 5 years and it’s never failed me. Everyone is different, but this is what works for me. Sorry this turned out so long but I wanted to be as clear and detailed as I could. It could help someone new, or maybe someone who’s struggling to get the LOA to work for them.

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25 Million

Noah Kagan:

At Facebook we had a team meeting where Zuck announced that he was rejecting the $1,000,000,000 offer from Yahoo! and to not mention shit about selling the company. What a fucking statement! It was super clear that the business was not about making money and truly about connecting people (+ stalking).

That was Zuck’s calling in life. Money wouldn’t compromise it.

A great question to ask yourself if there is purpose with what you are doing is: “If someone offered you $25 million for what you are doing would you give it up?”

If you just want money so you can do blah blah then pussy out and go do it. You’ll get true satisfaction when you end up doing your daily work and hobbies on things that wouldn’t give in to that question.

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