Single Sentences

George Stoitzev:

Single sentences at critical points that change your direction are most important.

Looking back the last 6 years I see less than 10 sentences that made all the subsequent decisions.

It’s strange to think that a single sentence at the right moment holds so much power.

It’s because that sentence changes your track and you start making decisions within that direction, thereby removing optionality in others.

Alan Trapulionis:

Some time ago, I did an exercise where I tried to recall the key turning points in my life. After a while, I realized that it was never a “genius idea” or “an amazing realization” that shaped my path — but people.

I’d meet someone. I’d have my core assumptions challenged. We’d do something together that I’d never think of doing on my own. In the end, I’d be left with experiences and lessons that I never would’ve been able to get just by my own intellectual effort.

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