DMT & The Nature of Infinity


It pours over me, around me, through me — it becomes me, and I’m told by an impression far in the back of my head that this is it. This is everything, infinity. It’s the most exhausting thing because it’s everything, all the time, all at once.

People say this place we go to is heaven — the 12th dimension; Shangri La — but usually, there’s an agreement that this place is where we come from, where we are before we’re born and where we go when we die. And if that’s the case, I’m not surprised that we decide to take a break from all that and live a short, linear, three-dimensional life.

So every time I do DMT, I come back with the same impression, the same context: That our existence is outside of our bodies, that infinity is our normal and that we use physical life as a way to calm down and relax — almost like a drug. It dampens our senses and stunts our abilities, all so we can do something as profound as stop, in one point in time that will never exist again, in a single point in space exactly as it is — close our eyes, ignore everything else and smell a rose.

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