The Universe in Your Coffee Cup

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

In the context of infinite space it is ridiculous and even petty to argue about the advantages of one model over another. Try to imagine the infinite in terms of increasing distance that never reaches a horizon. Oddly enough, infinity in terms of decreasing distance has no limit either. We can observe only a limited portion of the visible universe for telescopes and microscopes have their limits too. Nonetheless, infinity in the context of the microcosm is no different from infinity in terms of the macrocosm.

The next time you take a mouthful of coffee ask yourself how many universes you have just swallowed. Infinity cannot be divided into parts and so if you think about it, every time you swallow a mouthful of coffee you are swallowing an infinite number of universes. Flying through a microcosm takes as long and seems as far as it does flying through the boundless expanse of outer space.

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