How to Get Out of a Funk

How do you get out of a funk?

What do you do when you feel stuck, apathetic, or depressed? You may even know what you should be doing to improve your life, but you have no energy or motivation to do it.

Being in a funk is a bit of a catch 22, because the very things that might help you get out of it — daily cardio, a morning routine, social support — are the very things you don’t have any desire to engage in when you’re feeling depressed.

For example, if I stop exercising, I soon end up in a funk. And then, I can’t get myself to exercise, because… I’m in a funk!

How do we get out of this treacherous loop?

The Solution

Here’s what worked for me: daily audio conditioning.

I started listening to hours upon hours of motivational, inspirational audio every day. Podcasts, audiobooks — anything that was related to personal growth & self-improvement.

Within a few days, almost unconsciously, I started taking new actions. My mood started lifting. I started feeling more motivated and productive. I had the urge to start exercising. I began to install new habits and started following through on my decisions, even though days before I had no motivation whatsoever!

Daily conditioning works.

The key is to do it daily, so as to condition your mind with the attitudes and the vibes of the audio you’re listening to, over and over. In truth, you do this every day. Your brain is already receiving and processing input from everything you read, hear, and think about.

Instead of deliberately conditioning yourself with positive audio, you might be listening to media, news, Facebook, negative people, and your own mental loops. The conditioning is still working, but it’s not serving you.

By listening to positive audio every day, you steal airtime from your own thought patterns and feed your brain new mental patterns to chew on.

The Process

You can start with 1 hour of audio a day, but if you really want to shift your mental & emotional state, try listening to 2-3 hours of audio every day for the next 7 days.

Rewire your brain by feeding it an overabundance of new thought patterns.

These could be podcasts on success, self-improvement audiobooks, or motivational audio from YouTube. Anything personal growth-related will work, as long as you’re feeding your brain new ideas & new thought patterns.

You don’t have to take notes or take any action steps from the audio. Not yet. Just put on the headphones, listen, and absorb. Give your brain new input for one hour each day. Then see what that does to your funk.

Listen to the James Altucher podcast. Listen to the Good Life Project podcast. Listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast. Go on a binge and listen to all three.

Listen EVERY DAY for at least one hour.

You don’t even have to be in a low-energy state to benefit from this process.

Try listening to these recordings in a row, and see what that does to you:

(I’m singling out Tony Robbins in particular, because I was surprised at how much energy he has in his recordings, and how amped up he made me feel. Give him a listen.)

The Results

Within a few days, you’ll begin feeling different. You’ll suddenly feel more motivated, and start taking little steps here and there.

Before you even know what’s happening, your mood will begin to lift, fresh ideas will start flowing to you, and you’ll be inspired to all kinds of new actions.

This process works. It worked for me, and it’ll work for you.

Best of all, it requires zero action. You can do the whole thing lying on your bed.

Try it for the next seven days, and let me know how you feel.

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