Set Intentions Daily

Steve Pavlina:

You can never set too many intentions. Even speaking your intentions aloud 100+ times per day, updating them moment by moment as you go, isn’t too much.

It’s very likely that you’re under-intending. I’d say a good minimum is to set at least 5 fresh intentions every day, and that really just gets you in the door.

Once you get enough practice, it should take you just a few seconds to set an intention. It’s as simple as asking, “What do I want for dinner?” But do this for every part of your day too, such as by asking, “What kind of experience do I want to have while performing this next task?” Then just speak your answer aloud.

When I go running, I clarify what kind of run I want to have. When I start my workday, I set an intention for the type of workday I want to have. Then I update my intention many times throughout the day. This is pretty automatic for me now.

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As You Wish

Steve Pavlina:

One way to help make your thoughts more positive is to imagine that whatever you think or say or write, the Universe replies “As you wish”.

Or as Paul Scheele likes to say, “If you say so.”

Think of every thought, everything you say, everything you write as an affirmation, as an intention… it’s actually a goal you’re asking for. So if you’re just observing reality, and you’re doing so in a negative way, like you’re complaining about how hard your day was — “As you wish” is the response from the Universe.

If you’ve had a bad experience, whatever it is… if you frame it in a negative light, catch yourself and realize “Oh, I’m putting out an intention to continue more of that”.

Replace the thought:

I’m not gaining weight… I’m losing weight.

I’m not getting more broke… I’m getting wealthier.

Reframe it, and then replay it past the “as you wish” filter.

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