Your Self-Worth

Lisa Nichols talks about her process for enriching your self-worth:

You’re only going to go as far as you think you’re worthy. I can push, you can push, you can have the greatest product — but if you don’t feel worthy, you will work hard to sabotage that relationship.

You don’t know you’re doing it! You’re driving that guy away, you’re driving that woman away — because your self-worth says they weren’t going to stay forever, anyway.


I did this for six months, every single day.

It’s the “I see you” exercise.

You get in the mirror and you complete three different sentences.

1. The first sentence is you look in the mirror, and you say your name. You say:

_________, I am proud that you…

…and find seven different things every day to celebrate yourself for.

Seven different. Each day you can do the same thing you did before, but each day do seven different things to be proud of.

2. The second sentence is going to knock you down a bit, it’s going to come from your gut:

_________, I forgive you for…

…and cut the shackles to blame, shame, guilt, regret, and anger.

In that sentence, you cut those five shackles. Not the first day, maybe not the third day… but by the twenty-first day, by the thirtieth day, you’ll feel some relief.

Go back five years, fifteen years, twenty years… that thing nobody knows about, but you? Go ahead and cut those shackles. Cause if you can still think about it, it’s still in your energy space.

3. And then the third sentence is:

_________, I commit to you that…

Before you make a commitment to anybody else throughout your day, you make seven commitments to you.


Celebrate yourself. Forgive yourself. Cut the shackles.

And then, commit to yourself, before you commit to anybody else.

That right there — that right there, will begin to fill your cup up.

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It’s Your Life

Lewis Howes and Lisa Nichols talk about life, decisions, and abundance:

Nichols: Abundant thinkers think a certain way. And they don’t go around trying to convert you. People like you and I go, let’s open it up to everyone…

Howes: Yeah.

Nichols: … but here’s what I know about the human spirit. It’s that the human spirit has the power of choice. And most people don’t want to choose this kind of thinking because it costs you something.

Howes: What’s the cost?

Nichols: The cost is you got to get up earlier. You get up earlier than the average guy. Your day… What you do in a day is what some people do in a week. What you do in the morning is what some people do in a 12-hour day.

You got to be willing.

What you’re willing to do on your book tour, to get on The New York Times — Some people say, “I got to do all that? I don’t want to do all that.”

Ok, great. Then have your life. You sign up for your life experience.

When I realized that I was the culmination of all my decisions… That’s like straight with no chaser. That’s like getting it with no cookies and milk.

You are a culmination of all your decisions.

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