What’s Your Evening Routine?

Do you have an evening ritual to prime yourself for the next day’s success? Here’s an article where 11 entrepreneurs share their evening routine.

Ed Mylett:

Before I go to bed, I do some light stretching and take time to reflect. I then perform a gratitude prayer where I ask myself these questions: What have I given today? In what ways have I been a giver? What did I learn? How has today added to the quality of my life? How can I use today’s value to invest in my future?

Once I’ve answered the questions, I visualize my greatest goals. When I do this right before bed, it allows my subconscious to go to work while I sleep, retrieving ideas and insights to make those dreams a reality.

I also use a ChiliPad to keep my body cool while I sleep. Your body temperature corresponds to your circadian rhythm; if you can’t cool off, you won’t achieve optimal rest.

Grant Cardone:

While your morning routine sets the tone for your day, your night routine sets the stage for your morning. I spend time with my wife and kids, and if I watch TV, I avoid negative programs. I create a battle plan for the next day and write down my goals, including long-term targets that get me excited.

For example, when I lived in Houston years ago, I’d write that I lived in a beautiful house in La Jolla, California, overlooking the beach. A few years later, I made that a reality. Your bedtime routine should help you stay focused on what you want in life. Focusing on your dreams will also help you sleep better and inspire you to tackle the next day bright and early.

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