The Precipice

Tilda Swinton:

I wouldn’t go on performing were it not for this interest in unpicking or examining how it is that we lumber ourselves with the idea that we have one identity, and we have to carry it, and we cannot change it or modify it in any way until we die.

And that both moves me and saddens me; that society has somehow hoodwinked us into thinking that this is the case. Because as far as I’m concerned, identity is a sort of … I’m not sure I believe identity exists. I think the only thing we can really rely on is change, and our sense of ourselves is completely amorphous.

And so, when, if I’m talking about a narrative, and I look back at my work, very often I’m looking at the story of someone who reaches what I call a precipice in their life. When they have to encounter their sense of identity, and they have to shift. Or, they have a choice about whether to shift or whether to perish in some way.

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