A State of Balance

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

Stress if a consequence of importance. Stress can be instantaneously relieved by reducing importance. It is futile and harmful to create ongoing importance. You will never succeed in changing a situation for the better and acting effectively if you are carrying the heavy load of importance. When you are severely stressed it is enough to wake up, open your eyes and become conscious of the fact that a pendulum has hooked into your importance. It is easy enough to see what the importance relates to in each specific instance. Remind yourself: by reducing importance you free yourself of the pendulum and can act effectively. You have to be aware of the fact that attributing something inflated meaning will always work against you.

To change any difficult situation it is enough to remember about importance and consciously reduce any excessive meaning you have connected with it. The only challenge is to remember in time. When you are stressed your awareness is sleeping and so you will forget that something called Transurfing ever existed. To eliminate stress from your life you have to wake up and reduce importance.

If you have made a habit of paying attention to your inner voice, it will not be at all difficult to remember about importance at the necessary moment. Every time you experience a feeling of unease ask yourself why. Where has meaning been inflated? However ‘important’ the specific circumstances are to you, consciously let go of your attachment to their importance. Only after the purification of intention can you act effectively.

To become immune to stress you have to replace the old habit of stressing out over any small thing with the new habit of maintaining a relaxed state. Being in a relaxed state does not mean being listless or apathetic. It is a state of harmonious interaction with the outside world: balance. Balance presupposes the absence of internal and outer importance: I am neither good nor bad and the world is neither bad not good; I am not pathetic and insignificant and the world is not pathetic and insignificant either.

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