Always On Your Side

Steve Pavlina on the nature of reality and your relationship with it:

I’ve seen so many people go through traumatic experiences, and generally the way they recover is they have to reframe the experience. They have to change the story that they’re telling themselves. Instead of making it a tragedy, they make it into a lesson, a really powerful lesson.

Or they may turn it into an invitation to be a teacher to other people. “If I had to go through this rough experience, then hey, I can be a source of inspiration and help and assistance and encouragement for other people who are going through that kind of thing now, too.”

There’s so many amazing wonders that happen with the reframe of always, always giving the Universe the benefit of the doubt. Always assuming it’s on your side — 100%. Even when it seems like it’s beating you down and being difficult, you can always find a lesson in it if you look for it; you can always find the seed of a new growth experience.

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