Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance / Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina on creating the vibe of abundance:

What I do is I’ll sit down or lie down on my couch, and I’ll close my eyes and I’ll simply imagine the new reality I want to experience. If I want to have money flowing through my life, then I’ll imagine that. I’ll imagine it as real and feeling good to me — I’m already there and I’m seeing it fully associated, so I’m imagining whatever scene I’m seeing, I’m seeing it through my own eyes.

It’s not the visualization that’s so important; the visualization is merely a tool to create the vibration, to create that feeling. I have to get in that mindset of asking myself, okay, if I was already there, how would I really feel about reality? If I already had massive financial abundance, how would I feel? What is the feeling that would come up in me?


The first time you do this you may only be able to lock into that emotional signature for maybe thirty seconds or a minute. It might take you awhile to visualize the right way of thinking about it, such that you’re creating those feelings.

Just keep doing it again, do it twenty minutes a day, every day. The goal here is to get good at doing it during those twenty minutes, so you really get good at locking on to that emotional feeling. Eventually you will figure something out, you will picture some scene that will make you feel just so abundant.

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