Delicious Desire

Steve Pavlina:

When you want something, really want it. Let that delicious feeling of desire permeate your entire being… until you’re almost ready to explode from the energy it creates. Desire feels good. This is how you get yourself aligned with what you want. This is what activates the Law of Attraction to help manifest what you want. This is also what activates your creativity and summons inspired action to help you get there even faster.


The receiving/manifesting part isn’t up to us so much — our part is simply to admit what we really want, to hold that desire, and to move into alignment with it. You will begin to feel good as soon as you start moving in the right direction, which starts with clarifying exactly what you want and then allowing yourself to want it.

If you’ve been feeling bad lately, recognize that it’s because you want something you don’t currently have. Want to feel even worse? Try pretending you don’t really want it, assume you’ll never get it, or imagine you don’t deserve it. Want to turn it around and feel fantastic? Step fully and completely into that desire, and bask in the energy it summons.

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