Focus on the Beauty


Focus on the beauty of your environment in every way that you can. Immerse yourself. Engulf yourself. Do everything that you can to be in love with this, and in love with this, and in love with this, and in love with this, and in love with this. Do everything that you can think of, to do in a day, that will make you happy while you’re doing it.

Because your intentions are already in your Vortex. Your Inner Being already knows what you want, and the path to it. So you just gotta be as happy as you can be, so that you’ll be in the receptive mode, so that you’ll be ready for the idea.

The ideas are being flowed to you all the time. You gotta be happy to get the idea. To receive it. To understand it.

And to feel enough momentum in it to say, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’

If you can get it, that all you gotta do is tap into that, you will never be discouraged again. You’re only ever feeling a feeling of discouragement when you’re not tapped into that.

So, our encouragement to you is, do everything that you can do to just stay in this happy place.

There are so many reasons to be happy.

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