Go All the Way

Grant Cardone:

As they say in AA, “Half measures achieved us nothing.” For members, this means that you can’t get sober if you are drinking—even a little bit.

In the world of success and achievements, half measures achieve nothing in terms of results—except for tiring out the person engaging in the half measures. This is why most people refer to work as though it were an illness. Only those who go all the way and see things through until they’re done experience the rewards of the work.

Until an action is turned into a success, it is not done. Until you make the potentail client a client or the potential investor an investor, you have not gone all the way. This might seem harsh, but if you called a client 50 times and didn’t get the deal done, then you might as well have not called that person at all.

This is the point at which people become reasonable and therefore don’t make it. Commit to being completely unreasonable and going all the way. Don’t accept any excuses! No settling allowed!

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