Graduating to Bigger Challenges

Steve Pavlina:

When you finally figure out your solution to the enjoyable work plus abundant income puzzle, what will that do for your tribe? Answer that question, and you’ll have some semblance of a purpose. Then if you work more directly on that purpose instead of staying stuck on the individual level of your personal needs and desires, you’ll really have something that can get you into the greater social flows.

The game doesn’t end there though. It’s not nirvana. You’ll simply graduate to other problems and challenges, but they’ll be more interesting than figuring out how to pay your bills. In fact, another really good source of motivation is to actually want to graduate to bigger and more interesting problems.

The problems I get to tackle today are harder than the ones I had to deal with when I was struggling financially. What kept me stuck was the framing that I needed to solve or escape my problems, so I could have an easier and more peaceful life. What helped me progress was accepting that I want to keep learning and growing, so of course I must keep progressing to harder problems. Life doesn’t get easier per se, but it can become more rewarding and inspiring. And on some level, it does feel easier when you invite more social support by setting goals that will be good for other people, not just for yourself.

How many more times do you need to iterate through your problems at the individual level before you’re ready to serve and participate in the social flows of the tribe?

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