Rhonda Byrne, in The Magic:

If I had been asked six years ago if I was a grateful person, I would have answered, “Yes, for sure I’m a grateful person. I say thank you when I receive a gift, when someone opens a door for me, or when a person does something for me.”

The truth is I was not a grateful person at all. I didn’t know what being grateful really meant, and just saying the words thank you on the odd occasion certainly didn’t make me a grateful person.


Are you grateful for your health when it’s good? Or do you only notice your health when your body gets sick or hurts? Are you grateful for your job every day, or do you only value your job when you hear there will be cutbacks? Are you grateful for your pay or salary every single time you receive it, or do you take your pay or salary for granted? Are you grateful for your loved ones when everything is running smoothly, or do you only talk to others about your loved ones when there are problems? Are you grateful when your car is there working well? Or do you only think of your car when it breaks down?

Are you grateful to be alive each day? Or do you take your life for granted?

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