Infinite Creative Play of Exploration

Tim Verhoeven:

We create all the time. Knowing and unknowingly. The conscious act of creating can help to bring you closer to the nature of creation itself. It all starts with a vague vision that ultimately crystallizes into existence with the guide of an unwavering focus and faith. Faith in yourself to bring forth whatever you envisioned in the first place, and all along that path you can face many dragons. Self-doubt and distractions as we collectively navigate a reality where we give our power away so easily. Everything is asking for attention.

We try to fit in, seek acknowledgment and to please. We give our power to other people, politicians, media, entertainment, influencers, COVID and so forth. All but distractions along a path.

The human spirit is the upward moving spiral force that has driven our evolution forward. The drive to create, shape and explore ever expanding experiences is the same force found in nature that makes this all possible. To align yourself with curiosity, infinite creative play of exploration and participation in to the joy of life is what brings fire to the soul. You and I are reflections of the one creative spirit that generates and is all realities. Out of infinite love for the unfinished masterpiece we are called to be co-creators into the experience of life.

We are Infinite consciousness manifested in a myriad of forms exploring itself and returning to itself. A divine cosmic dance of infinite beauty that radiates its light to all corners of existence and aren’t we all chasing that light. Looking everywhere. All but within.

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