Keep Learning

Steve Pavlina:

There’s a hidden benefit to the hopeless situation though. When you know you’re going to lose no matter what, you can stop playing to win, and start playing to learn instead. You surrender to the inevitability of the loss and focus on the long-term gain. Even though you must endure a short-term sting, you’ll learn some valuable lessons that will make you a better player in the long game of life.


It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Just look at the board, assess the current configuration, determine where the best opportunities are, and make the best next move you can.

If your best isn’t enough and you keep losing good pieces, it just means you have more to learn. There’s no need to whine and complain when that happens.


When you lose just pick yourself up, analyze your play, and try again.


The only way to win consistently at life is to regard every situation as a learning experience. That’s the only outcome you can really guarantee. If you make that your primary aim, losing becomes impossible.

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