Little Onion

Alan Watts:

When you can really allow yourself to be afraid and you don’t resist the experience of fear, you are truly beginning to master fear. But when you refuse to be afraid, you are resisting fear, and that simply sets up a vicious circle of being afraid of fear, and being afraid of being afraid of fear, and so on.

And that’s what we call worry. Worry is simply a chronic condition, and people who worry are going to worry no matter what happens.

Because when one possible threat is exterminated, they will immediately discover another… because worry is an infinitely skinned onion. And you can go on and on and on, because the moment, you see, you reduce the size of the onion and you get your worry down to about this, suddenly your whole sense of distance and size changes.

And because you’re looking so intently at this little onion, it fills your whole field of vision and is once again a big onion. You start peeling that down. But as you get another one about this size, then it enlarges itself in your judgment and your sense of values. And once more, it’s colossal.

So if you are disposed to worry, there is always plenty to worry about.

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