Make a List of Uncomfortable Things

A friend shared this story with me about Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari:

This is mostly common sense but sometimes you just need to hear it to make it happen. I like this thing that the founder of Atari/Chuck E Cheese, Nolan Bushnell does. Every year, he makes a list of 11 things outside of his comfort zone that he wants to do. He rolls a dice and whatever it lands on, he HAS to do that one thing that year. This led him to do some very amazing and impactful things. Whatever your method is, it gets you to make a decision and actually take action instead of procrastinating or justifying not doing it.

Here’s Bushnell describing the process:

Bushnell commented on how people fail to reach their potential, “We all push ourselves to doing things that are easy, when we should be doing things that are really hard.” He encouraged everyone in the audience to play the “dice game” where a list of new experiences is numbered and two dice are rolled. He explained, “January one of every year, I throw dice to do something I’ve never done before.” Whatever number the dice added up too is the number of the new experience on the list that he tries to accomplish that year. This has lead to him painting his own collection of artwork and the writing of his first book, Finding the Next Steve Jobs.

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