Moby Dick & Anger


Moby Dick is always going to be the most important book to me because it taught me that anger is ALWAYS caused by feeling like you/someone didn’t get what they deserve.

When I think about it, every time I get pissed I can ultimately trace it back to my attachment to justice.

For example:

Angry cause your boyfriend cheated on you: You didn’t get the love you expect/deserve.

Angry because of police brutality: Civilians not being treated like they should be.

Angry cause your fucking phone screen keeps cracking: was meant to be built better for you.

I can go on and on and trace every single instance of anger back to an attachment to justice. This is the most freeing thing I’ve ever learned. If you take away any assumption that there is a general rule to the universe that dictates what you do and don’t get, you’ll be a very chill person.

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