New Patterns

Stuart Wilde:

Once you realize that you are a timeless immortal within a body, try the following exercise. For the next thirty days totally change the pattern of your life. Get up at a different time. Go to bed later or earlier. Do not do any of the things you normally do. Talk to none of your friends. Avoid newspapers, radio and television. Dress differently and change your eating habits. Spend time on your own in silent meditation. Try to be out in nature away from people. Do at least one three-day fast if that is appropriate to your state of health.

As you pull away from all that you hold dear, your personality will change. You will be able to dedicate your life anew and create a stronger congruence to the infinite Life Force within you. Your mission or life quest will become clear and many of your cherished beliefs will fall away. You will become a freer individual and you will enjoy your new freedom.

By consciously changing your way of life and choosing simplicity, you will be free from confusion. The thought affirmations you create will begin to have power. They will not be cluttered by your old allegiances. They will arise instead from your clarity and sense of purpose.

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