Receiving Mode


You just have to live and let live.

You just have to let the world be the magnificent, balanced place that it is.

And, once you are consistently in this receiving mode, where your life is turning out so well, because you are in the receiving mode, then you will be ready to let the others be as they be.

But here it is – it’s that cart before the horse thing a little bit.

We’re asking you to find the vibration of it, and let the vibration manifest, where you are so used to dealing with the manifestation, and trying to find the vibration.

Almost everybody is looking for a way to get happier emotion.

‘Give me this thing and then I’ll be happy. Bring me this relationship and then I’ll be happy. Stop doing this and then I’ll be happy. Go over there and then I’ll be happy.’

And, we say, that’s backwards!

Be happy, and then that becomes your experience. Be happy, and then that becomes your experience.

And, the sooner that you just let everybody else do whatever they are doing, the more likelihood that you’re gonna be happy.

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