Shadow Work

Neville Goddess:

People eschewing shadow work, I wish you nothing but the best. There is literally no way around this stuff. You can’t imagine it away, you can’t affirm it away, it resides in you until you make the connection and deal with it. You will go through life blind to the fact that what you feel isn’t what you think it is, or about what you think it is, making decisions and taking actions from that confused mental place, believing that one thing is causing another, just fumbling in the absolute dark while things you don’t have the courage to understand operate you. It’s the nature of the computer, that much is obvious.

All “shadow work” is being willing to understand the things that are operating you without you realizing it and being willing to see them for what they are: mistakes. Errors. Childlike judgment. Decisions and beliefs made from a place of pain and misunderstanding. That’s literally it. What caused this? And what did I decide about it that is creating my reality that isn’t working for me right now. Or what did I fail to grieve? That is what the current thing is for me. “Put on a strong face, don’t let them know they hurt you, and MOVE ON.” – the problem is you carry that with you and make decisions from it, thinking that is just you and your choices.

Sometimes it is just allowing yourself to feel the grief and realizing that the fortifications you’ve built up because of that really aren’t necessary anymore. We draw weird conclusions about how to handle things as kids, young adults, adults operating from a “lower” mindset. That’s all it is.

Every time something is released you are broadcasting a higher frequency, as Esther says. You get freer and freer. You cross one more thing off the list, you kick one more bag of slimy garbage off of your ability to just be happy, secure and safe.

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