Applying the Law of Attraction

Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.
– Mark 4:25

The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives that which aligns with our dominant thoughts. For example, think thoughts that align with poverty, and you’ll be poor. Consistently think thoughts of wealth, and you’ll attract financial abundance.

Many people believe that their conditions give rise to their thoughts. For example, you may think about being alone because you are alone. But the Law of Attraction suggests the opposite is also true — your thoughts create your conditions as well. This implies you can actually create different conditions by consistently holding thoughts that no longer reinforce your current reality but which instead align with the new reality you wish to create. For example, to attract a new relationship, you would begin thinking the thoughts and feeling the feelings you’d have if the relationship were already part of your present reality.

The quote above is from one of Jesus’ parables, and it can be interpreted as a description of the Law of Attraction. Whatever you believe you already have, you’ll attract more of. Whatever you believe is scarce in your life, you’ll eventually lose. The phrasing of the quote also suggests some kind of third-party action at work. Your results are either “given” to you or “taken” from you as a result of universal law.

The line Jesus spoke immediately preceding this quote is: “With the measure you use it, it will be measured to you — and even more.” The Law of Attraction isn’t an all or nothing endeavor. If you use it to a magnificent degree, you’ll get magnificent results. If you use it weakly, you’ll get weak results.

I’ve noticed a fairly consistent pattern with those who successfully manifest major life changes with the Law of Attraction. These people do not merely dabble. They go over the top in shifting their thoughts away from what they don’t want, away from what they’re already getting, and onto what they want to create. Such people are able to hold these intentions because they immediately begin turning their new thoughts into habits. This ensures they successfully hold their intentions long enough to dissolve the old thought patterns.

On the other hand, those who fail to get results with the Law of Attraction also follow a consistent pattern. They never turn their intentions into habitual thought patterns. After they create positive intentions for their desires, they still spend most of their time thinking about what they don’t want or about what they’re already getting. So in accordance with Jesus’ quote, these people are just “given more” of the same, and nothing really changes.

If you focus on what you already have, you’ll continue to get exactly that. But you can manifest major changes in your life by learning to focus your thoughts on your desires instead of your pre-existing circumstances.

If you’re already delighted and fulfilled by your present circumstances, that’s wonderful. Focus on them all you want. Feel grateful for them. Allow yourself to attract more of the same because it’s all good.

However, if you find yourself experiencing circumstances you’d like to change, then you must — absolutely must — begin to withdraw your attention from those circumstances and get yourself thinking about what you want.

What gives you the ability to do this is the power of conscious choice. Regardless of your present circumstances, you have the ability to choose what you think about. It’s too easy to get sucked into the pattern of dwelling what you’re already getting, so you need to take steps to ensure that you’re able to stay focused on your desires. In other words you must turn your new mode of thinking into a habit. If you fail to do that, your efforts with the Law of Attraction will be in vain.

Once you form a new intention, I suggest you alter your physical environment in such a way that it’s impossible for you not to think about the intention several times each day. Post the intention on your walls, use it as your computer’s background wallpaper or screen saver, or post sticky notes all around your house. Literally stick your intention right in front of your face, so you can’t help but notice it.

For your most important intentions, I recommend you create an intention shrine in your home and/or office. Select a specific physical location, and fill it with symbolic representations of your desire. For example, in 2005 I assembled a wealth shrine in the corner of my home office to represent my intention to manifest greater financial abundance. I used an old printer stand for the base of the shrine. On top of it I placed a fountain, representing the flow of wealth; two “lucky bamboo” plants, representing good fortune and growth, a small turtle statue, representing stability; two candles, representing energy; a mirror, representing multiplicity; and a small crossbow replica, representing clear aim and focus. The total area used by the shrine is only 1.5 feet by 2 feet, and setting it up was easy.

Every time I enter my home office, I see my wealth shrine. It’s only 2 feet from my desk chair, so I can’t help but notice it. Right now as I type this, the shrine’s fountain is running, and the candles are burning. The shrine is very low maintenance, but I must occasionally tend to it by watering the plants, adding water to the fountain, and lighting and replacing the candles, so it’s always refreshing itself in my mind. To anyone else it simply looks like a collection of interesting decorations, but to me it’s a symbolic representation of my intention to live in the flow of abundance. Even when I don’t think about it consciously, I know my subconscious mind is always getting the message.

Erin was initially amused when I first created this wealth shrine, figuring it was just another of my wacky experiments. At least this one seemed relatively harmless. However, after my income increased by a factor of 20 over the following year, she began to take the idea more seriously. Eventually she created her own wealth shrine, and since then her income has doubled as well. Once we shifting our thinking to a mindset of financial abundance, our reality gradually changed to reflect it. As part of our original intent to experience this change “for the highest good of all,” we’re freely sharing these ideas so you can benefit from the same process.

I’m not suggesting the shrine itself has any magical power. The benefit of an intention shrine is that it serves as a constant physical reminder of your desires, helping you permanently shift your thoughts towards what you want. A shrine helps to amplify your intentions. By using symbolic representations that hold meaning for you, you bypass left-brained resistance and deliver your intention straight to your subconscious. Whenever you catch a glimpse of your shrine, even if you don’t consciously notice it, it will reinforce your intention in your thoughts.

Whenever you form a new intention, take the time to make it a part of your physical reality. Don’t waste time vainly trying to hold your desire as pure thought. Make it real and give it form immediately, so that on some level, you’re proclaiming that you already have what you desire. Then in accordance with Jesus’ statement, you will be given more, and your intention will soon begin to manifest.

This newsletter was written by Steve Pavlina, sent on February 28, 2007. It’s re-published here for achival purposes, with permission.

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