New Problems

Grant Cardone:

Overcommit your energy, resources, creativity, and persistence. Know that you are all in on every activity, every time you take action, every day you’re in business.

Now, you might worry—as so many people do—about not being able to deliver. And that is certainly a problem; however, as we discussed earlier, you need new problems. They’re signs that you’re making progress and heading in the right direction. Learn to commit first, and figure out how to show up later. Most people simply never bother to perform and instead spend their time trying to wrap their heads around things that many never happen for them. Anyone who doesn’t face new problems but who instead grapples with the same old problems his or her whole life isn’t moving forward. Simply put: If you are not creating new problems for yourself, then you aren’t taking enough action.

You need to face new issues and dilemmas that will challenge you to keep finding and creating solutions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had too many people to see at 2PM or if you had a line outside your restaurant because there were so many people waiting for a table? One of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that the former look for problems to resolve, whereas the latter make every attempt to avoid them. So remember: Overcommit, be all in, and take massive levels of action followed up by massive amounts of more actions. You will create new problems and deliver at levels that will amaze even you.

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Go All the Way

Grant Cardone:

As they say in AA, “Half measures achieved us nothing.” For members, this means that you can’t get sober if you are drinking—even a little bit.

In the world of success and achievements, half measures achieve nothing in terms of results—except for tiring out the person engaging in the half measures. This is why most people refer to work as though it were an illness. Only those who go all the way and see things through until they’re done experience the rewards of the work.

Until an action is turned into a success, it is not done. Until you make the potentail client a client or the potential investor an investor, you have not gone all the way. This might seem harsh, but if you called a client 50 times and didn’t get the deal done, then you might as well have not called that person at all.

This is the point at which people become reasonable and therefore don’t make it. Commit to being completely unreasonable and going all the way. Don’t accept any excuses! No settling allowed!

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Massive Action

Grant Cardone, from The 10X Rule:

The highly successful take unbelievable amounts of action. Regardless of what that action looks like, these people rarely do nothing—even when they are on vacation (just ask their spouses or families!). Whether it is by way of getting others to take action for them, getting attention for their products or ideas, or just grinding it out day and night, the successful have been consistently taking high levels of action—before anyone ever heard their names.

The unsuccessful talk about a plan of action but never quite get around to doing what they claim they’re going to do—at least enough to ever get what they want. Successful people assume that their future achievements rely on investing in actions that may not pay off today but that when taken consistently and persistently over time will sooner or later bear fruit.

Massive action is the one thing I know I can depend on from myself, even when times are tough. Your ability to take action will be a major factor in determining your potential success—and is a discipline that you should spend time on daily. It’s not a gift or trait I was “lucky” enough to receive or inherit; it’s a habit that must be developed. Laziness and lack of action are ethical issues for me. I don’t think it’s right or acceptable for me to be lazy. It is not a “character flaw” that’s caused by some invented disease, any more than a highly active person is somehow “blessed.”

No one is born to sprint or run a marathon any more than some people are born to take more action than others. Action is necessary in order to create success and can be the single defining quality that will enable you to make the list of successful people. No matter who you are or what you’ve done in life so far, you can develop this habit in order to enhance your success.

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What’s Your Evening Routine?

Do you have an evening ritual to prime yourself for the next day’s success? Here’s an article where 11 entrepreneurs share their evening routine.

Ed Mylett:

Before I go to bed, I do some light stretching and take time to reflect. I then perform a gratitude prayer where I ask myself these questions: What have I given today? In what ways have I been a giver? What did I learn? How has today added to the quality of my life? How can I use today’s value to invest in my future?

Once I’ve answered the questions, I visualize my greatest goals. When I do this right before bed, it allows my subconscious to go to work while I sleep, retrieving ideas and insights to make those dreams a reality.

I also use a ChiliPad to keep my body cool while I sleep. Your body temperature corresponds to your circadian rhythm; if you can’t cool off, you won’t achieve optimal rest.

Grant Cardone:

While your morning routine sets the tone for your day, your night routine sets the stage for your morning. I spend time with my wife and kids, and if I watch TV, I avoid negative programs. I create a battle plan for the next day and write down my goals, including long-term targets that get me excited.

For example, when I lived in Houston years ago, I’d write that I lived in a beautiful house in La Jolla, California, overlooking the beach. A few years later, I made that a reality. Your bedtime routine should help you stay focused on what you want in life. Focusing on your dreams will also help you sleep better and inspire you to tackle the next day bright and early.

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Obsession Is Your Only Option

Elon Musk hunting aliens on Mars

James Altucher:

The obsessed person will beat out the non-obsessed person 100% of the time.

How come?

Because when you are obsessed you see every nuance. You learn from hundreds of mentors, real and virtual, you read every book, watch every video, you remember everything, you compare notes with everyone.

You are a cosmic sponge, soaking up all the information that others don’t see.

Steve Pavlina:

In a given week, where is your attention going? If you aren’t habitually obsessing over your goals, then what are you obsessing over instead?

Grant Cardone:

Your obsession is the most valuable tool you have to build the life you deserve and dream of.

Unfortunately, most people never figure out what they are really obsessed with, because they’ve been taught to deny their obsessions. Don’t let that be you. Find something, anything, that you are obsessed with. It doesn’t matter what it is right now, because you are just going to take the urges, momentum, and fixation on that thing and redirect them.


What matters at first is realizing you have the capacity to be obsessed.


To have what you want in life, you must give yourself permission to throw yourself all in on your dreams. Make it clear to others that you are obsessed and that, though you would like their support, any expectations they may have of your staying where you are, settling for less than you dream, or being average will have to take a backseat.

Ask yourself, How far up can I go? How much more can I do? And most important, What do I want to become completely obsessed with that will lead to success?

Photo credit: ‘Mad Musk’ illustration by American AF

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