Tom Bilyeu:

I’ve always told myself that on a long enough timeline, I can beat anyone at anything.

It’s all about skill acquisition, and I know most people don’t have my level of tenacity.

Most people give up after a while.

People can go hard for a month, maybe even a year. The hardcore motherfuckers out there can go for a decade.

But what you see above is the fact that I’ve been practicing my public speaking for 30 years now.

If you want to get truly great at something, all you have to do is go at it, balls out, day after day for decades.

Hold yourself accountable. Push yourself. Make insane demands of yourself.

Always have fun, but never be satisfied. Fight through boredom. Relentlessly self-assess. Risk embarrassment. Try and fail. Try some more. And never, ever, ever fucking quit.

Do that, and you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to.

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