Tend To Your Vibration


Don’t make it hard. Pay attention to the way you feel. Reach for the best feeling thought you can find from wherever you are, and off you go in the direction of all things that you want!

And what you are going to discover, once you begin to deliberately apply this just for a little while, just a little bit, you’re going to begin to discover all things that you want are not only possible, but they are in your immediate vicinity.

It’s just a matter of adjusting your vibration a little bit, and then a little bit, and then a little bit until you come into vibrational range.

You are vibrational… We watch you, you’re picky about what you eat and SLOPPY about what you think… They complain… We see them ragging on and on all day long, while they carefully eat specific things.

Tend to your vibration. When you tend to your vibration, you will be inspired to everything that is appropriate for you.

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