The Benefits of Raw Foods

Steve Pavlina:

As many personal growth enthusiasts discover, eating a highly nutritious plant-based diet yields powerful benefits for mental and emotional health, such as increased mental clarity and focus, stronger mental endurance, better memory, higher levels of motivation and ambition, and a happier mood.

Every month at least a few people email me about ongoing challenges with procrastination, chronic negative emotions, lack of focus, low ambition, and other mental problems. They frequently assume there must be a psychological solution or mind hack that will help them, but mind-level solutions don’t yield results if they aren’t taking good care of their physical brains first. When I ask them what their diets and exercise habits are like, the response is almost always a diet low in fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, and seeds with little or no exercise. How can you expect your mind to perform well if you aren’t taking care of your brain properly? Drink more coffee to make up for the deficiency?


It’s much harder to get depressed when you eat raw because your toxic intake is much lower. It’s so much easier to get depressed when you consume a little poison each day. It’s tough to find a depressed raw foodist. I’m not saying it’s impossible… just very uncommon.

In fact, if you want a simple way to test your own mental hardware, eat 100% raw vegan for 30 days. That will give you a glimpse of what you’re missing out on due to toxicity. I often get emails from people who’ve done this challenge, and almost everyone reports marked improvements in their mood, motivation, energy, and mental clarity.

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