The Guilt Complex

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

One of the pendulums’ favourite ways of gaining access to your energy is to throw you off balance. Once you have lost a sense of your own equilibrium you start to ‘wobble’ at the same frequency of the pendulum, thereby enabling it to sway more strongly.

The strongest string the pendulum can pull you with is fear, the most ancient and powerful of human emotions. It does not matter what exactly you are afraid of. If the fear is associated with any aspect of the pendulum it will receive your energy. Anxiety and worry are weaker emotions but still relatively effective puppet strings. These feelings are excellent at attuning thought energy to the frequency of a pendulum. If you are concerned about something you find it hard to focus on anything else.

The feeling of guilt is also one of the most extensive of channels through which the pendulum can pump your energy. Guilt is imposed on us from childhood and it is a convenient method of manipulation. “If you are guilty you must do what I say.” Guilt is hard to live with and so people try to get rid of it either via punishment or righting the wrong they have done. Both imply submission, obedience and a certain thought pattern. A sense of duty is a special type of guilt. To owe something means that you are in some way guilty and therefore obliged to do something. As a result, the guilty—both the truly guilty and the falsely accused—wander around with their heads hung low, paying tribute to the pendulum in the form of energy.

It is also worth mentioning the various psychological complexes people have. In the case of an inferiority complex the thoughts people have are: I’m not good-looking; I have no skills or talents; I’m not intelligent or sharp enough; I don’t know how to communicate with people; I’m not worthy. In the case of a guilt complex the thoughts are: I have done something wrong; everyone is judging me; I must carry my cross. In the warrior complex the thoughts go along the line of: I have to be cool; I declare war on myself and all around me; I will fight for my place under the sun; I claim my power. The thoughts of someone with the truth-lover complex go along the lines of: I’ll prove at any cost that I am right and prove to others that they are wrong. These and other complexes are the personal keys to the energy of different individuals. The pendulum strikes a chord and begins intensely draining that person’s energy.

Feelings and interests allow a person’s thoughs to be directed in a certain way. If a theme evokes neither interest nor emotion, then it is very difficult to focus on. Pendulums wound a person’s feelings or play on their needs in order to capture a flow of thought energy.

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