The Vibe of Appreciation

Steve Pavlina:

A very powerful lesson that I’m still integrating into my life is: Feel grateful no matter what.

No matter what your situation looks like right now, you can always find something to appreciate. Even when it seems as if the whole world is against you and everything in your life is breaking down, pause for a moment and find something to appreciate in that moment. Appreciate the growth challenge. Appreciate your next meal. Appreciate that my blog is here for you as a free resource.

If you can learn to relate to life on the basis of unconditional gratitude, thanking life for whatever it sends your way, you’ll transform your whole experience of living. Life will become a true gift instead of a struggle.

You can’t do battle with life and expect to win. To condemn what’s arising in your life right now only makes you powerless, and it drops you to a vibe that’s only going to attract more scarcity.

Please do the best you can not to relate to life on the basis of neediness. See if you can conclude as I did that no matter what happens with your finances or your relationships, you can still enjoy a rich and rewarding life. Once you know that’s possible for you, it’s much easier to relate to life with a sense of appreciation and gratitude. And this is a very attractive vibe indeed.

You don’t need anything more. You are whole and complete just as you are. Your life is already rich and abundant, if you will only choose to look. Life has been trying for years to say “I love you.” Would you kindly take a moment to acknowledge this?


The key to abundance is to stop needing more, and start appreciating what you already have.

Life can be very generous with those who cultivate a sense of appreciation. Even when it seems like you don’t have enough, could you allow yourself to perceive that perhaps you already have more than enough? Is it possible that you already have everything you need to be happy?

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