The Whole Universe Inside You

From a Redditor’s mushroom trip:

When you travel far, you reach distant lands, like in the past on 2g dose I experienced my consciousness flying over the forest near my home. When you travel very far you reach other planets, stars and distant galaxies, which I have experienced previously on a 3g dose. This time my consciousness had left my body and it was beyond all the galaxies and everything. There was nothing but just my consciousness. I was observing my own consciousness. My consciousness was greater than the whole universe. I observed that the whole universe was just a tiny fraction of my consciousness. I observed my consciousness had no limits. My consciousness was vast, deep and it had several dimensions which I cannot describe. I observed that my consciousness is the ultimate beauty. I realised my consciousness is sacred. I realised there is no universe but just my consciousness. My consciousness has no beginning, no end and no limits. My consciousness is the god and the creator of this universe.

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