Wealth Mindset

CNBC interview with Jen Sincero:

It was around this time when she “just finally woke up,” she writes, and made the decision to “get over my fear and loathing of money and figure out how to make some.”

The first thing she changed was her mindset.

If you want to build wealth, you have to start by telling yourself it’s OK, Sincero says: “One of the biggest obstacles to making lots of money is not a lack of good ideas or opportunities or time, or that we’re too slovenly or stupid. It’s that we refuse to give ourselves permission to become rich.”

After all, it can feel awkward to admit that you have that ambition — but it’s necessary.

You have to agree “to get really, really, really uncomfortable. Over and over again,” writes Sincero. “You must not only admit to desiring, and commit to creating, wealth but, most important, you must allow yourself to do so.”


“Back in the day, I realized that one of the things I said all the time was, ‘I can’t afford it.’ That was sort of my mantra,” Sincero tells Make It. She didn’t start building wealth until she changed her mantra to “money flows to me easily and freely.”

“So every time I wanted to say, ‘I can’t afford it,’ I forced myself to say, ‘Money flows to me easily and freely,’ which seemed a little bit bananas,” she admits. “But what it did was it made me feel better — it was way more fun to say that than ‘I can’t afford it.’ And, it also forced me to shift my focus to be like, ‘OK, are there ways that money does flow to me easily and freely?’”

Changing her modes of thinking helped her change her reality, she says: “Once you shift your focus off of proving that, ‘I can’t afford it because I am Jen Sincero and I am broke,’ to proving that my money flows to me easily and freely, you open yourself up to the ways to make the new mantra true.”


“Get into the emotional state of what it would feel like when you do make that money and get really excited about it and make it a non-negotiable goal that you make that money.”

And, she says, you have to commit: “When you really want to change something about your life, you’ve got to go about it with this hell-bent-for-glory attitude. You just can’t kind of, sort of want to make some more money. If you’re serious about it, you’ve got to do the work, get very specific about your goals and get in the emotional state to achieve them.”

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