You Are It


If you are more aware of what you are perceiving, and less aware of how you are being perceived, now you can stay in the Art of Allowing all the time.

But, in the moment that your perception is about trying to understand somebody else’s perception, now, you introduce all kinds of resistance into the equation. And now you’re not seeing anything, in this moment, through the eyes of Source.

So, what we want you to come along with us on, because you’re stepping in the direction of it, but come all the way with us in this understanding: That you have a Source who is flowing to you and through you. In fact, everyone who has ever lived is, from the Non-Physical point of view, looking with you and through you to this moment in time, about the thing that you are focused upon, with enormous clarity from that vantage point of this very subject.

So, what you’re reaching for, that ‘outside yourself’ part, we want you to realize that you can call it ‘outside yourself’ because it’s a whole lot of Consciousness that’s looking right here and now, but if you’re tuning yourself to the frequency of it, then you’re not outside of it.

You are it.

You are it.

That knowing is yours, in this moment.

It’s not you regurgitating something that someone else knows.

It’s your knowledge. You own it. It is you. It is your point of attraction. It is your convergence. It’s all of that Consciousness, and Intelligence converging with you right here and now.

That’s what you’re reaching for.

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