You Are the Experiencer

From a Reddit thread:

Good, it seems like you have made a breakthrough, that being that “you” are not what you think you are. “You” are the observer of the experience that your body is creating.

Buddhism has a couple of concepts that may help – no self – and dependent origination. No-self would be that there really is nothing that you can point to and say this is “you”. But you have a body, a mind you say? No, these things are “content” in your experience. “You” are the experiencer, you cannot be anything in the experience. And then one of the later realizations is that there is only experience, “you” are a perspective that the experience can be viewed.

A second idea is of dependent origination. The idea is that you believe you are a person. But there is nothing that is an individual thing, everything is created out of other things. You could say that “you” are the entirety of the universe as viewed from your unique perspective.

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