You Are the Life-Dreamer

Tim Freke, author of Lucid Living:

You are the life-dreamer dreaming the dream of you.

It is an amazing, transformative, bittersweet dream, full of laughter and tears, triumphs and losses, hope and despair.

If you give yourself to this great dream it will awaken you to what-is.

If you consciously engage with this deep drama it will teach you kindness and make you wise.

So why not dare to commit to the adventure of your life?

Because essentially you are always safe, even when the life-dream becomes a nightmare.

That’s right, isn’t it?

When you dream it can be terrifying, but if you dream lucidly you know you are always essentially safe, because you’re not just the person you appear to be in a dream. You are the dreamer.

In the same way, if you live lucidly there is a deep knowing that you are always essentially safe.

So take the risk and really live!

You are the one appearing as someone and your life is deeply significant.

You are the one who can light up the darkness.

You are the one who can bring love to your world.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

I am writing these words to wake you up, because I see what a wonder you are.

You are infinite potential playing at being a person.

The creativity that created the whole universe is within you and it wants to express itself through you.

Can you hear the call to share your gifts with the world?

You are the mystery of life made manifest.

I am in awe of your vastness and touched by your fragility.

I see your greatness and your smallness — and I celebrate both.

I encourage you to wake up to oneness and feel the limitless love, so you can embrace your vulnerable, tender, ambiguous humanity — just as it is.

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