Your Life Strategy

In almost any game, one thing that separates a beginner from a more advanced player is having a well-defined strategy. Even a game like Tetris will have specific strategies that the best players use to get ahead.

What about the game of life? Scott H. Young talks about seven facets of his life strategy:

5. When in doubt, build assets.

Often it’s not clear what needs to happen in order to succeed in some area of life.


In these cases, my default mode has always been to try to build generally useful assets. This is to switch out the question of “what should I do?” with “what would be useful, generally speaking?” The former question may not have a clear answer, but the latter usually has many things which could probably help. Sometimes success is simply answering this question enough times that the accumulation eventually breaks through.

For instance, if you’re luckless in love, you might decide to start working on your communication skills, start building a deeper social network, improve your fashion/appearance or learn improv to become funnier. It’s not clear any of these projects will bring success, but if you build enough assets in this direction, you’ll probably improve your chances.

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