Steve Pavlina:

Once you form a new intention, I suggest you alter your physical environment in such a way that it’s impossible for you not to think about the intention several times each day. Post the intention on your walls, use it as your computer’s background wallpaper or screen saver, or post sticky notes all around your house. Literally stick your intention right in front of your face, so you can’t help but notice it.

For your most important intentions, I recommend you create an intention shrine in your home and/or office. Select a specific physical location, and fill it with symbolic representations of your desire.


Whenever you form a new intention, take the time to make it a part of your physical reality. Don’t waste time vainly trying to hold your desire as pure thought. Make it real and give it form immediately, so that on some level, you’re proclaiming that you already have what you desire.

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