Trust Life


This has taken me the longest to learn. But I realized that everything I was doing led me to this place. Learning to let go of attachments and out comes. What ever I’m supposed to have in this moment is what life/the universe has for me. There’s no need to cling to the fear of losing something because something better is on its way. Something higher that serves the new version of me. Loving myself denotes trusting myself. If I can’t trust myself, how in the hell am I gonna trust life. Can I get an AMEN 🙌🏾! We learn patience because who’s more patient than life?

Hang in there everyone. All this work you’re doing isn’t for no reason. It’s building you up, not tearing you down. Life wants you to meet it at its level someday. There’s no rush. Build up your Godliness/life-ness. Love, patience, gratitude, generosity, etc. Life can be your best friend when you work together as co-creators. There’s no end to what you guys can do when you trust each other.

Peace and love.

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