Appreciating the Holes in the Floor

Simple Soul:

I’ve had people ask me how I became wealthy and well, the short answer is: I decided that I was going to be poor. For many years, I had a poverty reality. It really was terrible, to the point of living in a shack of a mobile home with holes in the floor and a car that required hood-lifting and tinkering to start. I resisted this reality with almost every fiber of my being. I wanted, reeeeeally wanted, to be wealthy, but nothing in my physical reality was even a whiff of wealthy despite all the affirmations and visualizations and rampages. I didn’t get it and I was feeling pretty resentful of people who did. So, I gave up……I decided that I was going to be poor the rest of my life and I’d just have to deal with it. Actually, I do remember getting all dramatic about it and declaring that God must have decided that this was my lifetime to live as the poorest person on earth. I was tired of trying so hard. I decided that I would accept my “poorness”, I got ok with it. Within thirty days, the Universe delivered in abundance and I’ve never been back down the poverty reality road again. It literally rearranged itself and events and circumstances boomed together and I moved from that shack of mobile home.

Am I grateful for what I have today? Absolutely! Today I’m living the vibrational escrow of that poverty stricken 28 year-old that would not have believed it was possible. But, I didn’t leave that mobile home being grateful and appreciating the new condo I live in today. I left it appreciating the holes in the floor. That was *my* bouncing off place.

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