The Guilt Complex

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

One of the pendulums’ favourite ways of gaining access to your energy is to throw you off balance. Once you have lost a sense of your own equilibrium you start to ‘wobble’ at the same frequency of the pendulum, thereby enabling it to sway more strongly.

The strongest string the pendulum can pull you with is fear, the most ancient and powerful of human emotions. It does not matter what exactly you are afraid of. If the fear is associated with any aspect of the pendulum it will receive your energy. Anxiety and worry are weaker emotions but still relatively effective puppet strings. These feelings are excellent at attuning thought energy to the frequency of a pendulum. If you are concerned about something you find it hard to focus on anything else.

The feeling of guilt is also one of the most extensive of channels through which the pendulum can pump your energy. Guilt is imposed on us from childhood and it is a convenient method of manipulation. “If you are guilty you must do what I say.” Guilt is hard to live with and so people try to get rid of it either via punishment or righting the wrong they have done. Both imply submission, obedience and a certain thought pattern. A sense of duty is a special type of guilt. To owe something means that you are in some way guilty and therefore obliged to do something. As a result, the guilty—both the truly guilty and the falsely accused—wander around with their heads hung low, paying tribute to the pendulum in the form of energy.

It is also worth mentioning the various psychological complexes people have. In the case of an inferiority complex the thoughts people have are: I’m not good-looking; I have no skills or talents; I’m not intelligent or sharp enough; I don’t know how to communicate with people; I’m not worthy. In the case of a guilt complex the thoughts are: I have done something wrong; everyone is judging me; I must carry my cross. In the warrior complex the thoughts go along the line of: I have to be cool; I declare war on myself and all around me; I will fight for my place under the sun; I claim my power. The thoughts of someone with the truth-lover complex go along the lines of: I’ll prove at any cost that I am right and prove to others that they are wrong. These and other complexes are the personal keys to the energy of different individuals. The pendulum strikes a chord and begins intensely draining that person’s energy.

Feelings and interests allow a person’s thoughs to be directed in a certain way. If a theme evokes neither interest nor emotion, then it is very difficult to focus on. Pendulums wound a person’s feelings or play on their needs in order to capture a flow of thought energy.

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Savour the Aroma

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

Instead of playing the game of a destructive pendulum, seek out pendulums that benefit you in some way by their game. Acquire the habit of giving your attention to all that is positive and good. As soon as you see, read or hear something pleasing or encouraging hold it in your thoughts and let it lift your spirits.

Imagine that you are walking through a forest where there are beautiful flowers as well as poisonous thorns. Which would you choose? If you pick a bunch of elderberry flowers and put them in a vase in your home you will soon get a headache. What would be the point of that? It is the same thing as reacting to destructive pendulums. It is better to pick a jasmine flower, admire its beauty, and savour its aroma. Let in the things that are positive and you will be greeted on your path by ever more good news and auspicious opportunity.

Once you have experienced a brief moment of inspiration or joy it is easy to get pulled back into the stresses of your daily routine. The feeling of elation is forgotten and the working day takes over. To keep the festive feeling in your life, first and foremost you have to remember it. Habit makes us jump head first back into the monotony of everyday life. The negative pendulums make us forget whatever the good thing was that happened and we loose a sense of the pleasure it gave us.

You have to support the little flame of enthusiasm and nourish the feeling it gives you inside. Observe how life is moving in a better direction, take hold of any straw of happiness you are offered and look for good signs in everything. At the very least it will keep you from being bored. It is essential to remember that in every minute you give to the Transurfing practice, you are consciously moving towards your dream, setting the course of your own destiny. This in itself imparts a feeling of calm, confidence and happiness that helps you to stay positive. Once this feeling becomes a habit you will be constantly riding the crest of the wave of good fortune.

Good news is quickly forgotten because it gives us no cause for concern. In contrast, bad news evokes an active response because it poses a potential threat. If you do not let bad news into your heart, you will not allow it into your life. Close yourself off to bad news and remain open to good news.

It is important to note and carefully nourish any positive change in your life for these are the messengers of the wave of good fortune. As soon as you hear any even slightly encouraging news, rather than forgetting the information immediately afterwards, as you would have done previously, savour, discuss and track it. Think the news over from all points of view. Take pleasure in it. Make predictions and expect further improvement. In this way the vibration of your thoughts will remain at the frequency of the wave of good fortune and you will be attuning yourself to its parameters. The good news will increase and life will get better.

To filter information in this way is neither a practice of mysticism nor is it a particular quality of the human psyche. It is the nature of reality. The pessimist looks at the world through black-tinted glasses and the optimist through rose-tinted glasses. Either way, you shift to different life lines according to the quality of your thoughts.

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The Universe in Your Coffee Cup

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

In the context of infinite space it is ridiculous and even petty to argue about the advantages of one model over another. Try to imagine the infinite in terms of increasing distance that never reaches a horizon. Oddly enough, infinity in terms of decreasing distance has no limit either. We can observe only a limited portion of the visible universe for telescopes and microscopes have their limits too. Nonetheless, infinity in the context of the microcosm is no different from infinity in terms of the macrocosm.

The next time you take a mouthful of coffee ask yourself how many universes you have just swallowed. Infinity cannot be divided into parts and so if you think about it, every time you swallow a mouthful of coffee you are swallowing an infinite number of universes. Flying through a microcosm takes as long and seems as far as it does flying through the boundless expanse of outer space.

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A State of Balance

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing:

Stress if a consequence of importance. Stress can be instantaneously relieved by reducing importance. It is futile and harmful to create ongoing importance. You will never succeed in changing a situation for the better and acting effectively if you are carrying the heavy load of importance. When you are severely stressed it is enough to wake up, open your eyes and become conscious of the fact that a pendulum has hooked into your importance. It is easy enough to see what the importance relates to in each specific instance. Remind yourself: by reducing importance you free yourself of the pendulum and can act effectively. You have to be aware of the fact that attributing something inflated meaning will always work against you.

To change any difficult situation it is enough to remember about importance and consciously reduce any excessive meaning you have connected with it. The only challenge is to remember in time. When you are stressed your awareness is sleeping and so you will forget that something called Transurfing ever existed. To eliminate stress from your life you have to wake up and reduce importance.

If you have made a habit of paying attention to your inner voice, it will not be at all difficult to remember about importance at the necessary moment. Every time you experience a feeling of unease ask yourself why. Where has meaning been inflated? However ‘important’ the specific circumstances are to you, consciously let go of your attachment to their importance. Only after the purification of intention can you act effectively.

To become immune to stress you have to replace the old habit of stressing out over any small thing with the new habit of maintaining a relaxed state. Being in a relaxed state does not mean being listless or apathetic. It is a state of harmonious interaction with the outside world: balance. Balance presupposes the absence of internal and outer importance: I am neither good nor bad and the world is neither bad not good; I am not pathetic and insignificant and the world is not pathetic and insignificant either.

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