It’s Already Yours


And so, the question isn’t ‘Will it be, will it be?’

Because it already is.

And the question isn’t, ‘Do I get to have it?’

Because it’s already yours.

The question is, ‘How can I, right now, feel that it’s there, rather than antagonize myself into feeling that it isn’t there? How can I trust, rather than doubt? How can I believe, rather than wonder? How can I know, rather than worry?’

And so, it’s an emotional game, it’s a vibrational game.

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Focus on the Beauty


Focus on the beauty of your environment in every way that you can. Immerse yourself. Engulf yourself. Do everything that you can to be in love with this, and in love with this, and in love with this, and in love with this, and in love with this. Do everything that you can think of, to do in a day, that will make you happy while you’re doing it.

Because your intentions are already in your Vortex. Your Inner Being already knows what you want, and the path to it. So you just gotta be as happy as you can be, so that you’ll be in the receptive mode, so that you’ll be ready for the idea.

The ideas are being flowed to you all the time. You gotta be happy to get the idea. To receive it. To understand it.

And to feel enough momentum in it to say, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’

If you can get it, that all you gotta do is tap into that, you will never be discouraged again. You’re only ever feeling a feeling of discouragement when you’re not tapped into that.

So, our encouragement to you is, do everything that you can do to just stay in this happy place.

There are so many reasons to be happy.

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You Are It


If you are more aware of what you are perceiving, and less aware of how you are being perceived, now you can stay in the Art of Allowing all the time.

But, in the moment that your perception is about trying to understand somebody else’s perception, now, you introduce all kinds of resistance into the equation. And now you’re not seeing anything, in this moment, through the eyes of Source.

So, what we want you to come along with us on, because you’re stepping in the direction of it, but come all the way with us in this understanding: That you have a Source who is flowing to you and through you. In fact, everyone who has ever lived is, from the Non-Physical point of view, looking with you and through you to this moment in time, about the thing that you are focused upon, with enormous clarity from that vantage point of this very subject.

So, what you’re reaching for, that ‘outside yourself’ part, we want you to realize that you can call it ‘outside yourself’ because it’s a whole lot of Consciousness that’s looking right here and now, but if you’re tuning yourself to the frequency of it, then you’re not outside of it.

You are it.

You are it.

That knowing is yours, in this moment.

It’s not you regurgitating something that someone else knows.

It’s your knowledge. You own it. It is you. It is your point of attraction. It is your convergence. It’s all of that Consciousness, and Intelligence converging with you right here and now.

That’s what you’re reaching for.

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Tend To Your Vibration


Don’t make it hard. Pay attention to the way you feel. Reach for the best feeling thought you can find from wherever you are, and off you go in the direction of all things that you want!

And what you are going to discover, once you begin to deliberately apply this just for a little while, just a little bit, you’re going to begin to discover all things that you want are not only possible, but they are in your immediate vicinity.

It’s just a matter of adjusting your vibration a little bit, and then a little bit, and then a little bit until you come into vibrational range.

You are vibrational… We watch you, you’re picky about what you eat and SLOPPY about what you think… They complain… We see them ragging on and on all day long, while they carefully eat specific things.

Tend to your vibration. When you tend to your vibration, you will be inspired to everything that is appropriate for you.

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Ready for the Magic


You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t say, “I need to know every single thing that’s going to happen exactly when it’s going to happen. I don’t want any surprises. I need to know, and I will get an entourage that’s big enough that I will keep everything in my life in perfect, perfect balance all the time, and nothing will ever go wrong in my life.”

You can’t say that—and sometimes you do—and also say “Oh, Universe, surprise and delight me.”

You want to be loose, so that you’re ready for the magic that the Universe has lined up for you.

And there’s a lot of it.

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Receiving Mode


You just have to live and let live.

You just have to let the world be the magnificent, balanced place that it is.

And, once you are consistently in this receiving mode, where your life is turning out so well, because you are in the receiving mode, then you will be ready to let the others be as they be.

But here it is – it’s that cart before the horse thing a little bit.

We’re asking you to find the vibration of it, and let the vibration manifest, where you are so used to dealing with the manifestation, and trying to find the vibration.

Almost everybody is looking for a way to get happier emotion.

‘Give me this thing and then I’ll be happy. Bring me this relationship and then I’ll be happy. Stop doing this and then I’ll be happy. Go over there and then I’ll be happy.’

And, we say, that’s backwards!

Be happy, and then that becomes your experience. Be happy, and then that becomes your experience.

And, the sooner that you just let everybody else do whatever they are doing, the more likelihood that you’re gonna be happy.

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Happy Memories


Happy memories do it. Pleasant imageries do it. Noticing lovely things where you stand do it. Taking in the splendor of one of these magnificent chandeliers and acknowledging the spectacle. The current that flows through it… and the glass that is formed… and the abundance of the glass… and someone’s creative design… and someone’s willingness and ability to put it there.

In other words, there’s so much to behold and appreciate just on something as insignificant in the scope of your life as that chandelier.

And yet nothing could put you in a better place of allowing your lover or allowing your perfect body weight or allowing anything that you want than beholding and achieving the feeling of appreciation in doing it, you see.

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Manifest the Emotion


The point of creation is the launching and the alignment for the exhilaration that it brings. It’s all about the feeling. It’s 100%, that’s all creation, is about the feeling that it brings to you. The manifestation that matters most is the manifestation of emotion. And you have the ability to manifest the emotion before you manifest any of the actuality that you are all so eager about manifesting.


“I like knowing that essentially we are all the same. We are all love looking for a place to happen. We are all clarity looking for a place to happen. That’s who we naturally innately are.”

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The Journey


You can never have an unhappy journey to a happy destination. If you’re having a miserable time along the way, when you get to wherever you’re going, it’s going to be miserable when you get there. That’s a sign, you see.

But when you’re feeling good, when it’s fun, when you’re clear-minded, when you’re feeling frisky, when you want to go, when you’re just full of yourself — tuned in, tapped in, turned on! — when you feel like that, that’s when you know, you’ve managed to find that frequency, and now that Broader Perspective is helping you out.

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Appreciating the Holes in the Floor

Simple Soul:

I’ve had people ask me how I became wealthy and well, the short answer is: I decided that I was going to be poor. For many years, I had a poverty reality. It really was terrible, to the point of living in a shack of a mobile home with holes in the floor and a car that required hood-lifting and tinkering to start. I resisted this reality with almost every fiber of my being. I wanted, reeeeeally wanted, to be wealthy, but nothing in my physical reality was even a whiff of wealthy despite all the affirmations and visualizations and rampages. I didn’t get it and I was feeling pretty resentful of people who did. So, I gave up……I decided that I was going to be poor the rest of my life and I’d just have to deal with it. Actually, I do remember getting all dramatic about it and declaring that God must have decided that this was my lifetime to live as the poorest person on earth. I was tired of trying so hard. I decided that I would accept my “poorness”, I got ok with it. Within thirty days, the Universe delivered in abundance and I’ve never been back down the poverty reality road again. It literally rearranged itself and events and circumstances boomed together and I moved from that shack of mobile home.

Am I grateful for what I have today? Absolutely! Today I’m living the vibrational escrow of that poverty stricken 28 year-old that would not have believed it was possible. But, I didn’t leave that mobile home being grateful and appreciating the new condo I live in today. I left it appreciating the holes in the floor. That was *my* bouncing off place.

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